Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fun Post

I saw this on my friends blog and have seen it other places too, so I thought I would join and do it. The rules are you look up your answers on Google images and see what comes up, using the first page only. It was crazy to see some of the images that came up.

My Age:

My Favorite Color:

Favorite Vacation Spot:

(Sackets Harbor, NY)

Where I live:

A picture from the Broken Bow lake

Where I grew up:

A map of Redmond, UT
A view of Parowan, UT they didn't have anything for Summit, Ut and Parowan is the closest.

Where I want to Travel:

Would love to go to Hawaii someday.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Treat:

Favorite Animal:
(calico cats)

Past Love:

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Newest obsession

So while we were on vacation I would watch my mother in law do Sudoku puzzles out of the newspaper and thought Oh that looks so boring, how could anyone want to something like that. LOL Well one day TJ was saying that he was really in to Sudoku now and said that You would totally enjoy it. I just laughed and and thought to myself, Ya right. Well we went to Wall-Mart and found him a Sudoku book to take to work so he would have something to do when he wasn't busy, well you guessed it, I picked up the book and started to figure them out and now I am addictive to Sudoku, and have my own book of them and TJ just laughs. In fact I was blog surfing and came across a blog where a lady had made a quilt using the sudoku "pattern" it turned out really cute so maybe one day I'll get brave and make one.

Monday, August 25, 2008

A visitor

I had to run out to the van and saw this guy on the driveway, it isn't the first time I have had to watch where I walk when going outside. But he seems to be the biggest that I've seen lately.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Makena's 1st day!

Well the day has finally come and Makena is at her first day of Pre-K. She has been so excited for a while now and when I woke her up this morning and told her that day was the day, she was so excited. We got her up and we snuggled in the chair for about 15 mins before we got her dressed and her hair done. We left and met dad at the school, we walked her to the gym where all the kids meet before heading to class. She sat with her class and didn't even bat and eyelash when it was time for us to leave and her to head to her classroom. I know that she will have a good time and I'm so excited to see her after she is done and to hear about all that went on today.

All ready to walk out the door

Her posing for me!! Showing off her new backpack!! (her school is required to have clear backpacks, I know crazy)
Her grin shows how excited she was.
We snuck in to the school so we could get a picture of her by her classroom.
Makena standing next to her Teacher

Me and Makena
She is so cute!!

Sitting waiting for class to start.
Tanner giving dad his million dollar smile as we are walking back to the car.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Our New York Trip!!

We had so much fun on our trip and i'm sorry it has taken me so long to get pictures up. But here they are at last, Check older posts to make sure you see them all.

This is a restroom in Kentucky, It was the first time I pulled out my camera as it was in the back of the van and I didn't really think about putting it up closer so I could take more pictures. But we needed to make a pit stop so I took avantage of the stop and grabbed the camera, I love how green it was. In fact the on in the picture is the one we stopped at on the way home.

The kids all smushed. I have no idea why she wanted such a huge pillow behind her head but it make her sit almost straight up. She must have been comfortable because she never complained.

Her thoughts on mom taking a picture of her.

Tanner being cute!

As we were continueing our drive through Kentucky we came upon this!! The Rascal Flatts semi!! I am not a huge fan on country music but I do know who they are and so I had to make sure I got a picture of it!
We finally made it to our half way point!!! We met some of the Babcock family friends at a Home Town Buffett for a nice refreshing break from the car. The T family brought there granddaughter with them and she and Makena had such a great time with each other, running and getting all there wiggles out so we could get back in the car. (11hrs in the car so far)

Tanner chasing the girls

These two would be such a fun combo, they are so much like each other that if they were left to themselves who knows what we would find.

TJ with the T family!!

Lacie this is just for you!!!! The last time I was in this area of the country I was 12-14 (can't really remember what year other then its the same time of year that the Mississippi river flooded) we were on a trip with my Grandma and Grandpa visiting an Aunt in Ohio!! So Lace does this bring back any fond memories?!?
Finally made it to the Cottage at 4am so we really didn't to much till later that afternoon so Grandma and I took the kids playing at the park.

Makena being the true monkey that she is!
Grandma enjoying a nice swing.

A look at the grassy area just down the sidewalk from the cottage we were staying in.

Lake Ontario

Just looking down the shore line at one of the docks

The beginning of a very beautiful sunset! One of many we got to enjoy while we were there.

I loved the look of this shot, with the sun setting and the woman setting on the bench enjoying the moment.

And its going,



gone. So beaufitul,

I had walked up from the beach to get something from the cottage and looked and saw this most beautiful pink sky and setting sun, so I grabbed the camera so I could caputure it.

As I was taking pictures I happend to take the picture right at the right time and caught this skier enjoying the sunset.

The sky was so pink it was amazing

A day at the beach.
This is Campbell's Point

Grandma working her magic making a mermaid. I just wish I had gotten a picture of it when she was finished, It was pretty cool.

I had walked out in the water to get some pictures this is what I saw, Makena's head sticking out of the sand,
And found this, Some of the other kids had started digging a hole and so Makena got in and started to cover herself in sand,

With help from Mom and Dad she was covered except her floaty and that was just to much to cover.

And then she was done, so we wiggled herself out.

Tanner in the water filling up the watering can so he can,

Water the beach!!!

We had so much fun that I can't wait till we can go back.