Sunday, April 22, 2007

The drive there!!

So we finally started our day at 9am leaving Broken bow. We knew we were in for a long drive but we didn't know it was going to take 11 hrs instead of the 9 hrs we were planning. Tanner had a really hard time sitting in his seat and wasn't in to watching any movies and was just scream and scream.......... Finally we did find a move that he liked and I was able to turn around enough to rub his hands and feet and that seemed to comfort him.

Kena had enough of me taking pictures of her

Tanner happy

Tanner's finally had it!

THere was this cool church on the way, just out side of Little Rock, AR. I had to take a picture because its just so big. Its the First Penecostal Church

Grandpa and His girls!!!

Kena being silly and doing what she does best looking at books

Grandpa relaxing after a long drive from NY

Grandma Kelly

Aunt Bree
Eating breakfast with The girls
Aunt Keara
The Boys!!!

Keara's Wedding

We had the pleasure of attending Keara's wedding while we were in St. Louis. We had a great time and it was a beautiful wedding!! Congrats to Keara and Andrew.

Tanner getting ready for the wedding

Makena all dressed up for Keara's wedding

Being super silly

Kelly made a beautiful cake for the bride and groom!!

Andrew waiting for the ceremony to begin

Makena helped this this picture of the beautiful bride.

The ring bearer and flower girl

Tim was able to perform the wedding which was very nice

The happy couple!

The newest family member Andrew.

Flower girl Emma, Keara and Makena

Cutting the cake!

Happy Bree

Seth (left) Adam ( in the pink shirt and tie) Ian (right)
Grandpa and his boy Tanner


We had a great easter with family, I was so excited I went to Sam's club and found a suit for Tanner, I have been looking for one for a long time and they had one so I snatched it up and he looked SOOOO handsome!!!! Makena was such a cutie anyways that she always looks good!!

Tanner and his new suit

Grandpa Tim, Uncle Adam, Grandma Kelly and Makena

Hunting easter eggs!
Makena was having so much fun that she forgot to look where she was going and triped spilling out all her easter eggs, but she quickly picked them up and kept on hunting!!
Tanner had had enough hunting for easter eggs and deceided to take a ride in the car insead
Uncle Seth, Aunt Bree, Uncle Aaron (holding the camera), TJ's arm
Makena spotting her easter basket
Tanner checking out his easter basket!!Emma loves her chocolate bunny!!!
All the kids playing with there new things!!!
Baby Ethan