Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Library fun

We have had a blast this past winter going to the library and attending Storytime. I just wish I would have started going earlier then we did because Makena had a blast and loved going every week. Well with summer approching they end the storytime and get ready for the summer reading program so last week was our last storytime till winter. We had so much fun reading, coloring, painting and getting to know new friends!!

They have this really neat courtyard with a pond and waterfall, its so pretty and the kids had a great time outside.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Wow its been a while since i last put stuff on our blog, I guess getting those pictures up wore me out!!! Anywho, things here in OK are heating up and some days it just seems to hot to go outside, or its raining so hard you don't want to go outside and get wet. We have had some really good thunderstorms here and its amazing how much water comes down in just a short period of time, nothing like what i have experienced in Utah. Well an update on all of us.

Tanner is doing great, talking more each day and has started to say Kena but sounds more like "ninna" but oh so cute. Its funny to see him search for me if i have left the room and to hear him call "ma ma" and hear his little feet aginst the hardwood floor. 2 more months then its Nursery!!!!!!

Makena is such a fireball its great, she keeps me on my toes with what she says and does all the time. She is starting to count to 20 and does a really good job, now we still have to work on reconizing the numbers and letters but we are getting there. She is so sweet and loves being in Sunbeams even though she is the only one and can't wait to go see her teacher.

I am just truging along, keeping peace in the house and watching my kids grow up. I am still the CTR B teacher and have really enjoyed teaching those kids and watching them grow and blossom.

TJ is doing great and still really likes his job, He is still working nights so thats been hard to keep the kids quiet so he can get the rest he needs but we do our best. He is currently the assistant decon and assisant scout master and has really had a great time being with the boys and right now they are working on their golf merit badge so TJ has had a really great time teaching the boys one of his passions!!

I should be posting some more pictures soon just need to get them transfered from the camera to the computer, but just wanted to let everyone know whats up here and that we are doing well!!