Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a fantastic Easter this year! The weather was great and the kids really enjoyed themselves. On Saturday we went up to Beavers Bend State Park for their annual Easter egg hunt and the kids were in heaven. They had over 6000 eggs out for the kids in 4 different age groups and had a few eggs with slips of paper in for prizes. They had also hidden 2 hard boiled eggs for the parents to search for after the kids were done. It was a blast and we really enjoyed running and collecting the eggs.
Makena waiting for them to finish announcements.
Tanner waiting

Tanner gathering up the eggs he could get to.

Makena searching for eggs

This is us searching for one of the 2 other eggs that they had hidden away from the children's area, We knew it was a long shot at finding that egg but we sure had fun walking and the kids loved searching for it.
After a while the kids were ready to go and play at the playground so TJ went off to continue searching and I stayed with the kids so they could play.

They also had a small petting zoo with a few bunnies, a goat and the cutiest little dog, and I can't remember what brand it was but it was one I have never heard of.

Later that night we got the eggs out and the kids had fun dying them and Tanner thought it would be fun to smash a few of them before we had the change to decorate them, oh well at least there were some that we got to decorate some and the kids had a blast.

Here are there Easter baskets, Makena got a new dolly that is dressed up as a ballerina and Tanner got a new monster truck, they both got bubbles an egg with a few packets of pop rocks and a chocolate bunny.

Just after waking up and running out to see what the Easter bunny brought them. They were both so excited!!

Dressed up for Church, It just worked out that both of their outfits matched, I didn't plan that at all but am glad that they match!!

My beautiful children all ready for church!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Big news

Well for our house it is such a big accomplishment I figured I would share my joy with everyone!!! Tanner is officially weaned and potty trained!!! I know I know most people look at me crazy for nursing him so long but it was so right for us, I am glad to be done though. As for potty training we have worked on that for a while now and just this week he has finally figured it out. He has been doing so well at telling us when he has to go and really enjoys flushing his poop down. So March was a huge month of accomplishments for for Tanner. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!