Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow and Christmas program

We were so excited when we heard that we were getting a snow storm, We had plans to go to D.C. this past weekend to see the lights at the temple and spend some time with TJ's uncle. But his uncle wasn't going to be home and when we heard about how much snow they were suppose to get we decided to stay home and spend the weekend letting the kids play. Plus Tanner ended up running a low grade fever Friday night and most of Saturday so I'm glad we stayed home. We got a total of about 6-8 inches which is much less then D.C. which I heard had about 2 feet so ya we made the right choice in staying put.

The kids in their snowsuits!!
The first thing Makena did was went and made a snow angel. She really wanted me to make one with her but I knew it would be hard getting up out of the snow being almost 9 months pregnant.

Tanner wasn't quite sure about it but once he got out there he LOVED it!!

TJ shoveling our driveway and the neighbors since it was his shovel he was using.

This morning was Makena's Christmas program at school, she had so much fun singing and was so cute as she danced with the music. She kept telling me how she was going to have such stage fright, and how nervous she was going to be. I knew it was mostly at act because she showed no sign of either as she was singing. The lighting was crap and most of the pictures didn't turn out at all and were grainy. But at least there were a few that were ok.

Waiting to start.

After she saw where we were sitting she was trying to say something to us but I have no idea what LOL.

I love you to baby girl!!
Just a little bit of her dancing while shaking the maraca and singing about a snowsuit! (don't forget to turn off the mucic at the bottom so you can hear them singing So cute!!!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Decorating!!

We had fun decorating our tree and front room this year. The kids had a blast and the kids have the lights on tree on all day because they enjoy it so much. They have rearranged the ornaments a few times and the 24 candy canes that were put on have dwindled down as we keep eating them LOL. Even though we are not spending Christmas at our place we can't wait till we head to grandma and grandpa's house we have enjoyed our decorations and the happiness it brings.

Our tree
The stockings and wall hanging that great grandma made for us one year.

The advent calender that Grandma made, Its counting down to the day we leave for Grandma and Grandpa's house. Only 7 more days!!!

Close up of the stockings
Close up of the wall hanging. (I have since fixed it so its not funky looking.)

We received a turkey from work so we decided to cook it and TJ was just so excited with how it turned how he made me take some pictures of his perfect turkey.
Tanners face just makes me laugh

Decorating the tree.
My kiddo's in front of our finished tree. Lace doesn't Tanners face remind you of R's?? Too funny

Tanner being cute!!

Both kids really wanted to lay with dad and so he kindly let them and both went to sleep!! Love these pictures.

Friday, December 04, 2009


We had a great Thanksgiving, we spend almost a week at the in laws house and had a great time. The kids loved every minuet of the time we spend their. We went to the movies, shopping, and had a great feast on Thanksgiving day.

Makena and Grandpa playing a game.
This is pretty much where you could find these 2 almost the whole time.

Grandpa still helping Makena with a game

And this is where you could find Tanner, helping grandma cook. Today consisted of making rolls for our Thanksgiving dinner. Tanner was having so much fun helping grab the dough to form the balls. He thought he was in heaven.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Yep I know its about time I posted something new, We its been a crazy last few months and I don't see it getting any better in the next few months LOL. Anyways here is our halloween pictures, I have the cutiest witch and superman ever!!!
Heading to the ward's halloween party

All the primary children that showed up!
The kids parading around showing off their costumes

Tanner and our neighbor getting ready to head out trick or treating.
Makena and her friend.
A few of the houses that were all done up!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A new adventure

TJ has started a new adventure in his life and I guess you could say all of ours. He told me one day that he wanted to join the local volunteer firedepartment. I told him whatever, and really didn't think much of it till the next day after I had gotten back from a meeting he informed me that he went and joined. I was kinda thrown for a loop as I really didn't think he would do it, but its been a good thing for him and he has really enjoyed it. It has taken me some time to get used to him up and running out the door when the pager goes off, all the classes he will be taking this Nov. and coming spring, and being gone every tues morning for training. Tanner was excited the first time we went untill we walked in to see the firetrucks and he for some reason was so scared that all he wanted to do was go home. He has gotten better the more we go but still doesn't like to go down in to the truck bay. Infact his favorite things to do there is play on the computer and get a rootbeer. Makena on the other hand LOVES going!!

TJ's locker before he had all his turnout gear and name written on the name plate.

Tanner the first time going to the firehouse, He was so scared it was like torture to get him in the truck even with dad holding him.
A week or so ago they had fire prevention week and on Friday they had all the truckes in the area meet at the mall and had a few demoitrations, as well as Life Lion (life flight) come in and land for the crowd. This is Makena and our neighbor friend infront of Engine 5 from our station here in Annville. This is the only way Tanner was going to be near the fire trucks.

They were going to show them cutting the car apart but we didn't stay that long. Kids were hungry and it seemed to be taking forever to get things moving.

They started a dumpster on fire and then showed how they put it out.

Life Lion coming in to land.