Sunday, March 29, 2009


Here is the ponco I knitted for Makena! I think it turned out pretty cute.

This kids this morning before heading to church, they are growing up so fast.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hoe Down

Makena's school held a Hoe Down last night and we had a blast!! Makena really wanted to dress as a cowgirl but I didn't have the boots or hat to fully dress her up, so my brain went to work and I remembered I hadn't packed away a pair of Tanners old overalls that don't fit anymore and knew that they would be perfect! We did her hair up in pigtails and I used some of my brown eyeliner to give her some freckles. She was so excited about this and was just as giddy as ever. They had games and a live band, at the end they all sang the songs they have been learning as well as performed a square dance. I took tons of pictures so enjoy!!

Hillbilly Makena!! (its been cold here and i wanted to get a pic of her real fast before jumping in the van)
Tanner wanted to get in on the picture as well.
They had this really cool bathtub set up so I had the kids get in so I could take there pic!
They had 8 different stations set up so that the kid could play games. They had pin the tail on the cow, makena almost hit the x, The bathtub picture, a duck pond, beanbag toss, sack races, story telling, fish pond, and find the needle in the haystack.
Makena pinning the tail on the cow!
Another pic in the tub this time with "bubbles" surrounding her
A picture of the band that was there playing. The Welch Mountain Boys is their name.
The story telling station! Makenas face just says it all
After we went to the stations we met back up with dad and Tanner and the kids did some dancin' and enjoying some snacks.
Makena and Tanner with some friends from Church
Makena and S. dancing with Mr. Stricker (the principle). This wasn't the first time I saw him grab a few of the students and dance with them.

Makena sitting in her group singing their songs they have learned during music. After they were done singing they had them all turn so the parents could get some pictures of there children, Makena was excited and wanted to make sure I knew where she was.

Getting ready for the square dance
Square dancing away!! She was so good and listened to Mr. Stricker calling out the next part, and at one point she was dragging her partner around so he would be in the right spot LOL

Makena's version of Bowing to her partner, she is such a character.

This is Bacon, and she was the proud winner of a few kisses at the end of the night. They had a fundraiser as well, and had 3 different jars set up so the students could put money in and who ever got the most money would have to kiss the pig. They had the principle Mr Stricker, Mr, Minor and Mr. Camp. In the end they all won and all had the pleasure of kiss miss Bacon.

Makena and Bacon in the background.

Mr. Stricker and Bacon!

Mr. Minor and Bacon

Mr. Camp and Bacon!

We had a blast and am looking forward to Spring Break now!!

Hide and Seek or sleeping?

Tanner was leaning on the laundry basket and for while I thought he was just playing with his V-motion remote but then after looking carefully he was sound asleep. This kid will sleep in the oddest places and none of them ever look comfortable.

As I was heading to bed one night I found them like this.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Time for change

I figured I have had that background for sometime now. Its starting to be spring here and many of the trees have started to bloom!!! The daffodils are out and looking very lovely. I figured this was cute and it might change again soon but who knows.!! Happy Spring everyone!! (yes i know its not officially spring yet but it has started here in OK)