Friday, October 27, 2006


Well after some help from some friends I figured out how to add music to my blog!!!! So it will change every so often!!. I'm just supprised that i actually figured it out and it works!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My funny kids

So Makena has been so funny lately. She will say some of the funniest things but the most funniest one that has stuck with me lately. I were doing something and I called her Kena stinky and she replies to me "I not kena stinky I kena babcock" Yep she has finally learned to say her full name well with the expection of her middle name but its at least a start. Her and my mom have some of the funniest conversations, My mom was telling Makena not to get in the puddles and that if she did the mud frogs would get her shoes and suck them off......So now if she see puddles she talkes about the mud frogs that are in there. We have a pond on our property and she started calling it the fishy puddle. Its seems like a matter of days she she has learned so much and is talking about so much. She has thought it to be fun to pick up her little brother and carry him around all though he doesn't find it as fun as she does.

Tanner is getting so big. He loves chasing his sister and taking her things that look like so much fun to play with. He is getting more steardy on his feet and has even taken a few small steps but nothing major yet. He can stand up for a few sec but then sets after he realizes what he is doing. Its just a matter of time now and he will take off and there will be no stoping him. Now if he could only master the stairs to the kitchen life would be bliss for him.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Just some fun ones of the family

Makena's Big present

Makena got her big girl bed for her birthday and she wanted strawberry shortcake bedding to go with it so We bought her the bed and her Grandma and grandpa Babcock bought the bedding. She had so much fun opening all her presents.

Tanner loved climbing on the box and being right in the middle.
Tanner and "pabear" played with Buddy while mom, dad and Makena put her bed toghether
Makena enjoying her new bed!!! She really wanted to jump on it but we won't let her
All tucked in
Tanner was getting so tired and after I tryed to sit down and nurse him he was still every intentive as to what was going on and didn't want to nurse so Honey came to the rescrue and he fell asleep shortly after we were done puting Makena's bed together

Friday, October 06, 2006

Makena's Party!

Makena wanted Pizza for dinner so it was set. I made homemade pizza and it was so good!!!! I know most of you know I don't cook and so this has been such a great learning experience for me and I think I am doing so good at it!!!
Tanner was in no mood to let me feed him so I gave in and let him feed himself. He had so much fun.

We did make her cake again this year. It did come from a box but I still consider it homemade!!! Of all the things to choose from she chose Scooby-Doo

She got some new pants and shirts as well as new undies and socks!!! Just what she needed

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Makena's 3!!!

Today is Makena's 3rd birthday!!! She is having such a good day and can't wait to have birthday cake and to blow out the candles. I"ll post some pictures of her with her presents at the end of the week as most won't be here till then.