Monday, August 03, 2009

Our Vacation

Since moving to PA we had the chance to go up to NY to visit the in-laws and this year it started out with just the kids and I going and then TJ joined us later. We left on the 10th of July and got to spend some quality time with Grandma, Grandpa, and 2 uncles. The week of the 20th all the children in the Babcock family minus 1 had the opportunity to come home and spend some time together before the second youngest leaves on his mission to Brazil. Its really sad but the first few days I only pulled out my camera once and that was because I was heading from one cottage to the other and caught sight of the sunset and had to get a pic so I did.

The kids spend many days down on the beach. Thank heavens there is a hammock to lay in, its so peaceful even during the day when all the kids are out playing in the water. T was finished with the water and wanted to lay down so I bundled him in his towel and layed him down in the hammock
while his sister continued to play in the water.

But T did get out and continued to play while I took some pictures of them playing. One thing I love about the beach is that i'm out that far in shorts and they were not getting wet!!!
A couple of the older kids there were catching minos, and putting them in a bucket. T thought that was the coolest thing ever and kept coming back to the bucket to watch them. I even caught him putting his hand in a few times.

During our visit Grandma and Grandpa had a visitor come and stay with them while his wife went up north for work. This gentlemen happens to be the guy that baptized my inlaws 30+ years ago while serving his mission in Watertown, NY. They have kept in contact all these years so it was really neat to meet him and for my kids to meet him as well. Plus I love how these pictures turned out.
Grandma, Grandpa and their missionary!!!

The boys wanted to get the jet ski out so that one of the BIL's could try wakeboarding, it was funny to watch because he had never done it before but he sure gave it his best shot and got up a few times!!!

While the others were wakeboarding TJ was enjoying the open water and the beautiful sunset!

A look back toward the beach and the Cottages.

While there all the adults went to a concert at the Ice Arena. The only group I had heard of was Three Dog Night, but it was fun to go and listen to them all and enjoy a night away from the kiddo's.

The Buckinghams
The Buckinghams base player

Gary Puckett and his band singing their last song.
Three Dog Night

One of the last evenings before the kids and I headed home G.Grandma and G.Grandpa came and G.G. came bringing gifts to all the Great Grandchildren. They had so much fun with the bubbles and were making quite a mess but thats what kids do best right?!?!?
This is Little E. he is the funniest kid and was always making me laugh. This was his smile for me!
M, Don't ask me how they way she is sitting is comfortable but she was totally content.

M and E. They are almost a year apart in age but are about the same size. They played well together unless in involved Barbies and M was on her own LOL.
All the grandchildren that were able to make it. We missed Aunt K and baby E, and we hope that we can all get together soon.
I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of Grandma with her grandchildren and since Grandpa wasn't there we added G. Grandma (not sure where G. Grandpa was). I love T's face in this pic.

Little E's dad was trying to get them to smile and so he went in for the steal of the treat, They all thought that was pretty funny and the boys wanted him to do it again and again.

M is always a poser, every time the camera is out she is posing or wanting me to take a video of her being silly.
Well E. thought it was fun and so she joined in on the being silly
We had a great visit with everyone and can't wait till we ALL can get together and play games, watch the children play and just enjoy each other's company.