Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Well as I was brushing Tanners teeth tonight I was paying more attention then usual and noticed that he had 3 of his 4 two year molars. I didn't even know he was getting them because he hasn't showed any sign of discomfort or fever which my children get when they teeth, nope nothing which makes me wonder how long he has had them in before I noticed them today. I am hoping that the other one will pop through soon, but this is another sign that my baby isn't a baby anymore and will be entering the "terrible twos" before I know it.


Now I am not one to sign up for contests but this one is for a friend of mine who is celebrating her blogs birthday!!! Kara is giving away some Crochet that she has done and from the look of the hat she has posted a picture of, I can only imagne what the blanket is going to look like. So go check her blog out and sign up for your chance to win!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Holiday Shopping

That time of year has finally approached us and its getting closer to blackfriday and we all know what a circus it can be going to each store in the early hours of the morning just to get that one great deal. Now I know that many love the atmosphere of doing this but I am one that doesn't and having this great site that allows you to get the same great deals with out leaving your home sounds like a winner to me. This blackfriday site has many great offers from Target to KB Toys and even Best Buy. The Old Navy deals will be one of the many places that I will be checking it out as I love their clothing and they have cloths that fit my skinny children and who doesn't like that. I know there are many electronic lovers out there that love getting great deals on TVs and gaming equipment then the Best Buy deals are exactly what you are looking for. After looking at this site I have gotten really excited about the holidays and can't wait to get some of these great deals and they have a place where you can enter in your email address so that you can be notified of when the adds are posted so that you can take part of this great shopping day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thankful Thursday

I know that I havn't done this in a while but I am so thankful today. I am thankful for the safe birth of my new nephew Emmett Mykle who weighted 7 lbs 6 oz and joined his mother and father on Sept 15th!! Welcome Emmett Can't wait to met you!

I am also thankful for my husbands job and that it allows me to stay home with my 2 children and how I love watching them grow and learn each day.

I am also thankful for a night away from my kids so that I can attend Enrichment. I really miss being with the sisters of my branch as I am a primary teacher and miss RS. So i'm thankful to be going there to reconnect with the women of our branch!!

Emmett Mykle!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

100th post

I thought i would never make it 100 posts but I finally did and so i thought I would show some video's of my kids!!! ENJOY!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Hair Cuts

Yep its that time again, We took the kids to get haircuts yesterday and they both did really good. I am so impressed with Tanner this time as he sat in the chair all by himself and didn't cry once. Last time I had to hold and he screamed the whole time so it wasn't a pleasent experience but this time was totally great. I forgot my camera to get pictures of how well he did. Oh well maybe next time.

The before's

The After's

Thursday, September 13, 2007

5 Best Nights MEME

Well this is the first time I have been tagged for something like this so I'm pretty excited so here are my 5 best nights!! Thanks Natalie

1. The night or late afternoon when TJ proposed to me in Logan Canyon. I was having the worsted day ever and he had left with a friend to go "get some grocery's" or so he said when he actually went and pickup my ring and then had to go show one of his good friends. So we ended up going for a hike up Logan Canyon and went down a path and had to turn around because it had ended and I ended up ahead of him, when I looked back he was down on one knee and Popped the question, I said yes and as we were leaving some lady was on her bike riding up the trail and stopped to asked if we has just gotten engaged and was so happy for us even though she had no idea who we were. It was so great!!!

2. The birth of my children, even though they were both born durning the day (Makena at 1:12pm and Tanner at 8:48am) they have changed my life forever.

3. This goes back to my high school days when my best friend Jannah and I would go with the "boys" rabbit hunting and just hanging out with some really great friends. We had some much fun.

4. Also another from high school was the year our basketball beat Beaver for the first time in YEARS and the year we won Region and then took 3rd in State. I have so much fun playing on the basketball team and those memories will always be a part of me.

5. Our honeymoon was quite an adventure, Our first night as a married couple we stayed at the Budget Inn and ohhh it was not so glamorous, but he definitely made up for it when we were in Nauvoo and got the Honeymoon suite and got a bottle of grape juice to share. I still have to tease him about the Budget Inn.

I Tag Jannah
Lacie and anyone else that would love to join in!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cheat to Lose Diet

Did you know that cheating on your diet will help accelerate fat loss?? I didn't and I don't know anyone that wouldn't love to cheat on a diet and still loose the weight. Well diet and fitness expert Joel Marion has found a way for this to happen. Now we are talking like eating french fries, ice cream, cookies, and all that stuff you are not to suppose to eat while you are dieting. Here is how it works the Cheat to Lose Diet works with your body's hormones, metabolism, and cravings to help you lose weight naturally and easily. On the Cheat to Lose Diet you are able to customize your program to help kick start your metabolism and you will receive a meal planner to help you eat the right balanced foods throughout each week to get your body to its maximum fat burning zone. They have tons of recipes to choose from as well as a personal fitness plan. With the Cheat to Lose Diet you can plan your "cheat" days around parties and outings where you know they won't have the healthiest foods to choose from. I am planning on signing up for this program and hopefully I can find the same results as many that have tried this program!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pictures and lots of them

Oh i have so many pictures to post and our desktop is not working, so i had to put all the pictures on to the laptop!!! We have had some fun, we enjoyed "pa bears" birthday, and just had tons of fun with the kids. We also had a little visitor ourside on our home. Yep he's a keeper!!!

The cake Makena and I made

"Pa Bear" the Birthday Boy

The kids! working on their supermodel look....LOL!!!

Here is our new little friend. He is about 3-4 mayby 5 inches long and he had the most beautiful coloring going on. Makena has named him Ozlo

Monday, September 03, 2007


Have any of you thought to yourself that oh maybe there was something out there that would help me in my journey of loosing weight and diet and exercising hasn't worked?? Well at JourneyLite they have all the information one needs to learn about the LAP-BAND system and they are able to help you make the decision to have this weight loss surgery. Their site is loaded with information on the LAP-BAND System and there message boards and testimonials are so helpful on finding out exactly how it is done and how people had changed since having theirs done. I know I have thought about having the LAP-BAND system done as I have heard and read that it is the safest weight loss surgery out there today. At JourneyLite they have offered a great comprehensive weight loss surgery program and are able to take you step by step through the whole process. So check out JourneyLite and maybe they will be the right choice for you in your weight loss journey.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Wedding!

*SORRY for taking so long to get these pictures up. I hope that you all enjoy.*

We got the pleasure of attending my brothers wedding to his beautiful sweetheart Jessica!!! They are so cute and I love them very much. They have a great date and I will always remember it 07/07/07 super Cool!!!!

They had a family bridal shower for Jessica and got to meet her family who are very sweet!!

Makena and Asia being a great helpers

Jessica's SIL Jade made her beautiful jewelry that she wore on her wedding day!

We had to get Remi's tux and this is how I found all the kids when we got to the tux shop.
Tanner wide awake and super happy!

Makena, Asia and Remi were all out cold. They were so worn out from playing so hard, oh how they enjoyed each other.

The day of the wedding and Remi is getting his tux on and is looking quite sharp.
The groom looking quite spacie! Might have been some nerves who knows?
"Whats up homie?" Remi showing his gangster side! LOL
The girls getting ready before us mom's.Jessica's cool shoes!
The flower girls getting ready to walk down the aisleAsia is checking out the bride while Makena is posing for their photographer! Makena is such a ham when it comes to taking photos.

Uncle Mark had the privilege of holding Tanner till I got done helping Makena make it down the aisle.Makena throwing the flowers. Not quite sure where Asia is but they both had a great time.

Jessica and her father Cory
The groomsmen and Remi the ring bearer
The bridesmaids
The bishop asked the couple to turn and face there family and friends and gave a great little talk to them.