Saturday, September 27, 2008

BB Football

So we fianally took the kids to there first football game here in Broken Bow, We had a BLAST!!! Tanner is such a sports kid that if TJ is flipping channels and sees a game on Tanner will get mad if he changes it to something else, so funny. Anyways We had a great time, we went to the tailgate party before the game for food and a big bouncy slide for the kids then walked over to the stadium. They won the game in double overtime 28-27.

Having dinner at the tailgate party!!

The kids climbing the big slide, The helper at the top and to come and help Tanner up to the top but at least he made it up half way by himself.

And Tanner going down, Makena was on the other side so I didn't get her picture and we didn't have time to do it again as we had to walk over to the stadium. They had these cool temp tatoo's and the kids wanted one so Makena got hers on her cheek, Tanner had his on his forearm and I had one on my hand. TJ opted out.
They have this really cool inflatible helmet that the team come out of!!

The beginning of the spirit line! You can see their helmets (they are gold).
More of the spirit line, the line came out as far as the 50 yard line it was pretty cool.
Kick off!! Our team is Black and Gold!
A few plays.Tanner checking out the game during overtime, and also looking pretty cool in dad's hat!
Makena playing around.
The team celebrating the win!

The final score

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Parent/Teacher Conference

Tonight we have Parent/Teacher Conference and I'm hoping it all goes well. Makena is loving school so I know it won't be to bad, we just need to keep her in her seat and not talking when she is suppose to be working on her letters and such, ahh well. She has learned so much and is currently working on the letter B and is writing them very well as well as A. She is writing her name and its so cute to watch her do it and to see how she lights up each time she shows us. I'll update later tonight after we get back!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A good thing

Well I just received an email from my sister-in-law is haveing a great sale. She and her husband have a vinyl business and have done really well and with them moving, they have deceided to have a 20% off sale on everything excluding graphics!! We have many things from them and have loved how they make our home more homey!! So head on over to Little Whittle Lettering and check out there gallery and then all the fonts and colors they have to offer!! Whats nice is that you can apply them directly to your walls or a board.

Here are a few examples of that they offer.
FHE boards

Quote with overlay applied directly to the wallTiles
Board with overlay

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Will it ever end??

So here we go again, Makena woke up with another tummy ache and started throwing up again. UGGG plus on top of that Tanner is sick, ya its been a great time at our house lately. Hopefully its just a little bug that will go away and she can feel better, I hate having sick kids.