Monday, January 18, 2010

Tanners Birthday

It has been a wild and fun 4 years with this little boy, Starting off life with a week stay at 17 days old with RSV, then a move to Oklahoma where we spend 3 years and now here we are in PA. You have grown up so much, achieved so much and are constantly on the go,
until your little body says "I need sleep." You are such a joy to our family and we could not be complete without having you with us. We love you and are excited that you are going to be a big brother and what a wonderful big brother you are going to be!!

We asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he always said a race car cake so this is what we came up with! Thanks for Grandma who did the decorating of this cake!!
He was so excited for his cake and couldn't wait for Grandpa and Great Grandm
a and Great Grandpa to show up so we could open presents and eat cake.

Such a cutie

Still waiting for Grandpa to show up

She was so happy to help celebrate his birthday

Finally its time to blow out the candles!

Opening presents

His cool woody video game

He had found one of TJ's old airplanes and loved taking it everywhere he went, so we found him some airplanes he could take home and play with.

This has to be his favorite present, Its like the fishing game but with the aliens from Toy Story. He has played that thing so much i'm surprised the batteries are not dead yet.

The beautiful quilt he got from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

Getting ready for cake and ice cream

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma watching Tanner open presents
Grandpa enjoying his grandson opening his presents
The kids playing with his fishing alien game

here is a video of us singing to tanner and him blowing out his candles, (don't forget to turn off the music)

New Years

New Years was fun this year!! We went over to a members home and played games, ate food and just enjoyed each other's company.

The kids playing
The adults playing a game

Shortly before midnight Tanner crashed so this is how he rang in the new year!
Makena after midnight
Watching what ever was on after the ball dropped.
Us ladies visiting waiting for the boys to finish their game
This is where the boys mostly were. Enjoying the new TV while playing PS3

I love that the girls had to be right in the middle while they were playing.


We had so much fun sledding while in NY for Christmas. Here are just a few pictures and videos of the kids going down the hill.

Climbing up to come down. It was slippery and they had to pretty much crawl on their hands and knees to get up to the top!! WTG Dad for trekking up with them.
Makena getting ready to head down.
This is probably the only picture I got of Tanner, He was so fast and was either facing away from me or walking back up the hill but I did some video of him.
TJ wanted to join in the fun so he went down but didn't get his feet up enough and was covered in snow
Tanner chasing after his runaway sled
Another Crash
Pure joy!!
Grandpa hitching a ride with Tanner
Makena riding with TJ

Just us
The kids getting pulled to the Tahoe so we could go get some donuts and head home to warm up!

We had so much fun and I even went down just a little part of the hill with each of the kids and it was so much fun. I can't wait to go sledding again with them and hear them laugh and not care about rolling or crashing into the snow!!

Turn the music off so you can hear them laughing.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


We had a fantastic Christmas this year. We went to the in laws house and spent a week and a half relaxing, playing in the snow, and just enjoying being with family and friends. We left on the 23rd and I am so glad we left as early as we did because we had snow pretty much from the NY/PA boarder all the way to his parents home. And we left early Sunday morning because of the snow that was still falling and its a good thing because it was slow and go for a while but I'm glad to be home, now its time to get ready for this baby to join our family!!!

Christmas Eve the kids helped grandma make the gingerbread house. They had so much fun frosting the roof and adding all the goodies to the outside.

I think he was just happy to be playing in so much candy LOL.

The final product!! They did a fantastic job and it tasted just as yummy when we finally broke it apart to munch on.

Later that night we were all getting ready for bed and let the kids open their one present which was new pj's. But Tanner wanted a picture before we started. he is such a funny boy.
Opening their presents
Tanner is so in to Toy Story, and Makena loves monkeys so they were so excited!!

My beautiful children!!!

After the kids went to bed "Santa" came to visit. The kids got spoiled like every Christmas, Makena has been asking for a doll house for a while and we were able to find this cute one off of craigslist and she has had so much fun with it!!
Tanner has been asking for Buzz and Woody, he has really taken to Toy Story this year and I'm sure we will be taking him to see Toy Story 3 when it comes out this summer. He has even slept with woody and buzz, not sure how comfortable it was but he has been one happy camper.

The kids didn't get up till 7:30!!! I was so happy that they were not up earlier then that. Here they are walking in to the family room to see what Santa left.

Checking out their goods!!

He is one happy camper.

Opening their other presents
Grandma was so excited to get a new paper cutter which I'm sure will get used often for seminary. LOL
Uncle Adam and Grandma opening some of their presents
Tanner showing off his new towel, he is a monster, and Makena's is a butterfly. They are so cute and I am going to keep my eyes open for one for the new baby, plus they are super soft.
I have no idea why she has this face on her, maybe it was the fact that i would not let her open up her brothers pop up tent. But her outfit is soo cute!!!
Not sure if these next few pictures were taken later in the afternoon on Christmas day or another day, But Tanner was looking so cute sitting up on the top bunk of his uncles bed watching the boys play on the PS3.

I will be posting more from our vacation in the next few days. I have a fun sledding post, new years eve party we went to and just some random pictures that was taken while we were there.