Thursday, July 09, 2009

Our Peanut

Well as most people now know we are expecting #3! My due date is Feb 12th but i'm sure I will go early as I have never made it to my due date with either of my other children. We are super excited to add another child to our family and I just hope that soon the morning sickness will pass and I can start to really enjoy my pregnancy. Anyways here is our babies first picture.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!

We had a great 4th of July and we spent the day with our neighbors and the kids had a blast. We ended up going to a place called Memorial Lake for our BBQ and the kids got to play in the sandbox, swing on the swings, and even sweet talk the guys in to letting them fly their kite. After our BBQ we went home and got ready for the fireworks. We went over to Hershey and sat on the hill next to the Hershey Gardens which was the best place to sit as they launch the fireworks from below and they pretty much are right on top of ya. Tanner was so tired from not taking a nap that he fell asleep after the first few fireworks went off silly boy. Anyways here are some pics from our fun filled day!!
We went to walmart the day before to pick up the things we needed and they had some tents set up outside to help raise money for The Children's Miracle Network and they had a lady there doing face painting. Makena really wanted it done so we let her, she chose to have a mermaid on her arm and it was so cute!!
The boys at the BBQ

Kena flying the kite

The sunset driving over to Hershey
Looking down at Hersheypark
Tanner having fun before falling asleep

The fireworks!!