Friday, February 19, 2010

Our new little bundle of Joy!

We are happy to announce the birth of our third child Gery Jacob Babcock! We will be calling him Jacob. Gery is my fathers name and Jacob comes from the Babcock side. Anyways he weighed in at 7 lb 10 oz and 19 1/2 inches long he is my biggest and and almost a pound bigger then Tanner who weighted 6 lb 15 oz and he was also an inch longer then both the other 2. I feel great for being 2 weeks post delivery and I tack that to having a good nights sleep the night before the induction and only having to push a total of 9 minutes yep I said 9 minutes. Anyways here are some pictures from his birthday.

The birth story.
I went in to see the doctor on Monday Feb 8th because I had been in labor for 3 days and knew my body or mind could not make it much longer. Anyways while there she stripped my membranes again and I found out that I was 4 cm and 70% so I had progressed some during all of this but still wasn't having consistent contractions. So we set up the induction for the next morning at 6am. I started having stronger contractions Monday night but still they were not getting any closer and I was able to get some sleep Monday night. We woke up early Tuesday morning and called the hospital to make sure we were still ok to come in. They ended up calling us back like 5 mins later saying come in an hour later. We get to the hospital, check in and they get me all hooked up and the anesthesiologist came in and did his thing so I could get my epidural (cool side note the anesthesiologist was LDS and grew up in North Logan). So after receiving my epidural they broke my water about 9 am, but because he was so far engaged no fluid came out so they had a hard time even telling if they had broken the bag of water. They let me labor like this for 2 hrs and after that my contractions were still 2-5 mins apart and I had only dilated 1 cm. So around 11 am they gave me the smallest dose of Pit they could to help get the contractions more consistent. For some reason my right side had a harder time staying numb then my left so I rolled on to my right side to have gravity help the epidural move to my right side. Well after an hour or so they wanted to empty my bladder so I rolled back over and nurse did her thing and when she was finished I was like oh there is a lot of pressure and so she went and got the doc, she checked me and I was complete and +1 and its maybe 12:45 ish by this time. We decided to labor for a little bit to see if he would move down on his own and shortly after another doc came in with the resident and wanted to see if i could push him down some. So with the next contraction I pushed and he was like "OK" and he was out the door to get the other doc that would be helping the resident and my OB deliver the baby. So by this time its about 1:00 ish and she wanted to see how I did pushing so again with the next contraction I pushed and she said stop and told the others to break down the bed and got dressed. I started pushing at 1:02 and he was born at 1:11pm it was maybe a total of 6 or so pushes and he was out. They put him up on my tummy and TJ got to cut the cord. After that they did the normal baby stuff and weighted him and they even gave him his bath right their in our delivery room which I thought was very cool since that is always the part I missed with them going to the nursery. He weighted in at 7 lbs and 10 oz and was 19.5 inches. He latched right on and has been such a great nurser. Over all he has been the quickest delivery but by far the longest labor

First bath!
My superman!!

All clean

Makena and Jake
Getting ready to come home! This was the first outfit that we picked up for him.
My three beautiful children
My boys!!