Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We had a fantastic christmas this year. The kids were excited with everything they got and have played nonstop with them.

TJ was just as excited about christmas that he told the kids that they could open one present the beginning of the week of Christmas and said that it was something that he did with his family. They were excited to just finally be able to open one .
Tanner and his Donkey Kong Monster Truck!!
TJ and his new Pats hat
Makena opening her new Hannah Montana barbie
TJ got me a new watch!! I have yet to get it resized so I can wear it.
We also got to see Santa again this year, The local back hosts Santa and the kids were so excited to go and see him. This is how excited Tanner was this year, he went running in and jumped in to Santa's lap.

Kena and Santa
All of us with Santa! and TJ showing off his other christmas present a Pats coat!
On the 23rd of Dec we made a few little treats to have at our party we were having Christmas eve with the Missionaries and another family from our branch. TJ made fudge and we dipped pretzels with the kids. They turned out good and the kids had a blast shaking the stuff on top.
Christmas Eve we had a great time, We had our missionaries over as well as another family to celeberate Christmas Eve with. This is us after dinner relaxing while we gave the missionaries a gift. When TJ was younger his parents would always have the missionaries over and she would have there family send their presents to her home and they would be there to open their gifts. Well one of the gifts that she would give them was new Ties, So this year I figured that would be a good thing for my kids to do and we had a great time picking out the ties that we thought would match them.
Our Handsome Missionaries
The kids giving them their gifts

Then they had a tie tieing contest, It was so funny to watch

The kids opening there Christmas Jammies Tanner had gotten to his before I could stop him and had toput them up on the fridge till after dinner. He was so excited.
After they opened them we went and changed so they could wear there jammies and new slippers.

Their stuff from Santa
Running out to see what Santa brought them (the night before Makena was taking her medican and well she didn't like it and ended up throwing up and so that is why she is in a different top)
Checking out what was in their stockings. Makena got makeup and Tanner got a kid shaving kit

Trying his new razor. LOL now he can be just like daddy when he his shaving.
Makena finally got a barbie car, and ohh how happy she was!!
Grandma B put together a dress up box for Tanner that had a bunch of stuff in it, here he is in his knight outfit!
Kena playing with her new barbies and car

TJ also got a new driver.
Tanner playing with his Hot Wheels City.

I realised that I have no pictures of myself this christmas and all my wonderful gifts I received. I received my watch, a pearl neckless to match the pearl earrings I received a few christmases ago. An opal neckless and a new purse from TJ. Christmas Day we ended up going back to the Branch Presidents home and had dinner with him and his family and a couple of other families as well as the missionaries. It was great and we had such a good time.

Christmas Parties and Sleeping kids

I had the greatest opportunity to spend the afternoon with Makena and her class while they had there Christmas party!

She was so excited to see me!! They were each given a gingerbread man cookie and some frosting and things to decorate it with, She had so much fun.
Their class won 3rd in the door decorating for Drug Free week and so they won a sprite for the whole class. Makena was super excited to have her sprite!
Her class
Makena with her Teacher (one on the left) and the teachers aide.
I have found T sleeping in the most funny places and positions, here are a few that I got pictures of.
This is how I found T when Sis and I got home from school.
He is super cute sleeping!!!

Grandma B gave us this super cute Nativity, Its a little People one and the kids have had the best time playing with it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I had the best day so far!! I picked up the last book in the series of books I have been reading on Tuesday while at the library for story time and just finished!! It was wonderful. Also 2 weeks ago I received a call from Makena's school asking if I would like to come in and help in her class while all the teachers went for a Christmas dinner. I gladly excepted and enjoyed going to help today. I got there and her Teacher talked me through what I was to do and it couldn't have been any easier. Since they are in school all day they have a "nap" time or as I like to call it quiet time each day where the kids get to lay down for about an hour or so and just be quiet and yes some of them do sleep. So I was in charge of getting them to all lay down and keeping the quiet till she returned. Even though it was nap time I totally enjoyed being with Makena in her class and I'm excited that tomorrow they are having there Christmas party in class and I am going to go and be with her as well!!! Its been a great last few days and A great way to start off the Christmas break!!!!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!!

We put up our Christmas tree this past weekend and it feels so good to have it up and to hear Makena singing christmas carols. We also hung our stockings and our advent calander for the kids to count down the days till christmas. We didn't put up to may decorations again this year and I love it. The kids had a blast and really did a great job hanging the ornaments.

Our beautiful Tree

I tried to get Tanner to sit still long enough to get a picture of the kids in front of the tree but he was everywhere. At least I got a good one with Makena.

This is really the only picture that I have with both kids and its not even a great picture LOL

This is the smile I got when I asked her to smile, Silly child.

TJ was playing with the camera while I was helping the kids put the candy together for the advent calander. I love this picture that he took.
We were just messing around with the features on the camera, thought they were interesting.