Thursday, November 30, 2006


I would have never guessed that in Southeast Oklahoma that I would ever see snow but sure enough it started to snow tonight. I am so happy as I am really missing the snow but i'm glad to be here with my family. I did take some pictures and i'll post them soon just so you all know i'm not crazy!!!

I just thought it was a cool pic

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Tree

Well after much deliberation between TJ and I, He won and we put the tree up the day after thanksgiving. I wasn't ready for it yet and was hoping to make it tell at least the first of Dec but i lost the battle and we have our tree. But it sure has been nice seeing it and i feel it has brought me the christmas spirit a little early this year!!! For family home evening last night we put the decorations on and had agreat time, now all we lack is puttin up the lights. My mom even made a simmer pot last night so this morning when I woke up the house smelled so GOOD and i'm so ready for this holiday season much more then last year!!!!

I'll post more pictures of our tree when I get some good ones


We had a great thanksgiving, We had a family from our branch come over with there children and a friend of my mom's from AA. We all had a great dinner and good company. I know that I ate to much turkey and I am sure everyone else did.

As TJ was deboning the turkey my mom grabbed 2 thigh bones and put the kids up in their chairs and gave them each one and oh by you would have though it was gold!!! They both went to town and had a fun time eating them.

As for Kena all she wanted after that was a turkey bone. So for lunch the next day we gave her a turkey leg to eat at and she was so happy and really did a good job at getting the meat off the bone!!! (Don't look at her messy room as I hadn't cleaned it after Kena and our friends kids had played in there the day before)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Holidays

So I had a really hard time choosing a song that I wanted on my blog so Its going to change quite often but will most likely be from the same group, Mannheim Steamroller!!!! I love them and have ever since I was a little child, (i have my mom to thank for this one) So for now its God Rest ye merry gentlemen, the rock version of this song.

Our new favorite movie!!!

We rented the move "CARS" and have watched it like 5 times and Makena is watching it again. If you havn't seen it yet I highly recommend that you do, Its super cute and Makena is just in love with it as am I.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just for Remi!!

My nephew is totally in love with planes, So while i was on the way to the mail today I drove past the little airport we have here and this plane was sitting there, So i had to turn around and go get my camera so I could take some pictures of it for him. I hope you like them Remi!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

My super funny kids

Tanner is so funny when you put glasses on him. He has to stick out his tounge, he must thing thats how you keep them on. I jsut think its super cute!!!
The last picture he isn't sticking out his tounge but its so funny to see him in those glasses
Makena's new thing to do with her brother is to pick him up and try to carry him around. She does pretty well for a few steps.
Makena went outside one day and was trying to hide from me because she didn't want to come back in. This is where i found her hiding.

I love my kids so much!!! They are so funny with each other!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween pictures

We had so much fun this halloween as kena is finally old enough to really understand whats going on and Tanner just had fun. Towards the end Makena had had enough and was ready to go home and check out all her goodies!!! Over all we did have a great time and am looking forward to the rest of the Holiday seasons that are coming!!!

I think this has to be my favorite pic that I took last night!!!