Monday, September 28, 2009

Fixing the van

When we took the van in to get inspected so we could get the new plates the guys were saying that the breaks and the swaybar and something else needed to be fixed soon and they wouldn't be able to do the tire alignment untill they were fixed. Anyways the other day he went and got new break pads and the sway bar and he and our neighbor set out this morning to change the breaks and the bar thingy on the passenger side of the van. Oh and i could not pass up the moment to take pictures of them.

The funny thing about this picture is I didn't say anything to them I just walked up and started taking pictures and they both looked to see what I was doing.

And of course Tanner wanted to be a part of all the action and a few times i had to remind him that he needed to back away and not get to close.

Playing with the socket set
he is so funny, just wanting to be a big kid

How many men does it take to change brakes and a swaybar?? so funny

Motorcycle ride

Tanner has been wanting to go for a ride on our neighbors bike for the longest time. Well the other day he had his bike going as he had just got home from getting his wife at work so the kids were super excited to and talked him into taking them all for a ride. Well Tanner was first and oh he was excited, got his helmet on and climbed on the bike and then he freaked out and once it started he was done. He was so scared that he didn't go but he sure looked stinkin cute in that helmet.

was ok then our neighbor climbed on and that was the end of it.

Makena was soo excited too and since Tanner didn't go she was more then willing to take his spot. She had so much fun riding that after they got back from going around the block she was jumping up and down wanting to go again, and being the loving neighbor he is took her for a second ride!!!

not the best photo but its them coming back from their first ride.
We will try again with Tanner as I know he would love it but I think he was just to scared because of the bike being so loud.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its a.....

Most people know already but since this is pretty much turned in to a journal for myself I figured it was about time to add it to the blog that we will be adding another boy to our family come February. At first I wasn't to excited about another boy but I'm so glad that Tanner will have a little brother to play with and Makena has been such a great big sis I know she will love this baby just as much as she loved Tanner when he was born. Its hard to believe that I am almost half way done with this pregnancy and its only taken 19 weeks to finally feel human again and not so sick in the mornings. And I think TJ is finally glad that I'm feeling better because now maybe the house will stay cleaner then for a day or two. We really haven't decided on a name yet but know what the middle name will be, we have a few options and maybe I'll share when we get closer to having this little one. And as soon as I figure out how to get the pictures off the CD they gave us I'll add some of our boy.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The time as come!

To update our blog, Yes I know its been a while but we have been enjoying the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year!! The beginning of Aug. we had the chance to go up and enjoy the "farewell" of TJ's brother Seth. It was so great to go back up and spend one last weekend with him before he headed out on his mission to Brazil, we have already received a few letters from him and he is having such a great time and has learned so much in just a few short weeks. We are so happy for him and know that he will make an amazing missionary.

Seth with those that ordained him an Elder. (TJ, Stake Pres., Seth, Dad)
Those of us that were there minus me I took the pic LOL
The family minus Adam he took the picture

Seth and his mom!!

We also started another big adventure the end of August, Makena started Kindergarten. She is in the Am session and I am so greatful that she is as once the baby is born I won't be out much and since TJ is home in the mornings he will be able to get her to and from school!! Also a big step for me is letting her ride the bus to and from school, but the thing is we still have to take her to another elem school to catch the bus to her school, I know crazy. Anyways she loves being able to ride the bus and so far has LOVED school I just hope it lasts all year.
This is how she was before I told her to smile LOL
And then it was all I could do to get her to just take a picture where she wasn't being silly
Oh yes she is a total diva LOL
Showing off her new backpack
And of course Tanner had to get in on the silly action

lol showing some love

and yes this is a normal day for us, they both are so silly

The picture by the door, I remember doing this as a kid on our first days of school and so far have done it with Makena,
Trying to get one of Tanner but all he would do was be silly,
Yep still can't get one of him just standing up smiling
Getting off the bus after her first day of school!