Friday, September 29, 2006

So far so good

On one of my message boards there was a challange made to all those who blogg and so I thought I would take the time to actually blog instead of just adding pics of my cute kids. So I am taking this challange and am going to keep my blog up to date with pictures and whats going on day to day. Of course it might not be day to day as we all know how busy kids can be but at least once a week for sure!!!!

Thing have been pretty good so far with my mom and stepdad moving in. Makena is still really clinging to Mike and Tanner just loves all the attention just as long as mom is still in the room. TJ is now working nights and so he sleeps all day so its just like him working a normal day shift except i don't get to sleep with him. He really likes it and its just another step to move up the Tyson ladder. Makena is still doing great at being potty trained with only a few accidents here and there. She did it all by herself and didn't need to receive any prizes or treats of what not to keep going. She has just amazed me with it. Tanner is still growing like a weed and i'm sure will be walking any day. He will stand up and hold on to our step stool we have in the kitchen and with the hard wood floors it slids and he is able to keep up with it and walk with it. He is loving solid foods but is still really attatched to the breast with is fine with me till he things its fun to play and bite then its on the floor. As for me i'm doing ok, I"m feeling so much better since have my Gull bladder surgery knowing i don't have to experience that pain again.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moving in

My mom and Step-dad have moved in with us for a while till they are able to get back on there feet. It has been fun watching Makena interact with them and she loves her "pabear" and Honey. Sorry its blurry I don't know what was wrong with the camera. But here are Makena, Honey and Pabear unpacking the car. She has been there shadow since they ahve gotten here and won't let me out of her site.

Dress up

Makena's newest love is playing dress up. She loves putting on her Princess clothes and acting like a ballerina and a princess. She has quite the imagination. Its hard to believe that she is going to be 3 next week (oct 3rd).
While my mom was living Jacksonville, FL she got to be good friends with a lady by the name of Betty whom they called Betty boop. Well she was so kind that she made both girls (kena and Asia) these beautiful bags that have fun pockets and can be reversable and so my mom bought these pretty purple dressup dresses, Makena has had such a wonderful time totting around that bag in her purple dress that she even wore it to Walmart that night.

Playing with Tanner

Makena received this castle for christmas last year and has had such a fun time playing with it. Well Tanner wanted to play with her and she kept moving further away because she didn't want him to help her at all. It was cute so he jsut sat back and watched her play.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yard Work

TJ was home for 2 days so he got a chance to work on the yard and get it all mowed and cleaned up since everything had died and then came back after we got some good rain stormes. SO Makena thought it would be fun to go and help. She had a great time and Tanner loved being outside watching her. She got bored after a while and was playing with a skateboard that was here when we moved in.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sunday best

This is how we found Makena when we fianlly got out of bed Sunday morning.

We had so much fun doing the kids hair after we got them cut. Tanner looks so cute with his spikey hair and I love that I can flip Makena's hair out again. Thanks so much Tina for wonderful hair cuts

Tuskahoma Festival

Tanners first carnival ride. He had a great time

Makena is the 5th from the front, Waving her hand

We went to Tuskahoma, OK yesterday for the Choctaw Indian Nation festival and had a great time. We got to ride the carnival rides for free and had tons of fun. Makena and Tanner enjoyed it so much that they got kissed by the sun. TJ and I also had a great time. Here are pictures from our lovely day.