Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a good Memorial weekend we didn't do much, we did get some cleaning done but for the most part it was a normal weekend for us. TJ had to work so ya not much went on. I am so thankful for my Aunt and Uncle that were able to go up and visit my daddies grave site, I have been feeling really guilty that I live so far away had haven't been back since he passed almost 5 years ago now. So I love all the pictures I can get of his headstone!!
Here is my daddies headstone!!!

My dad is buried next to my grandparents and I'm glad that my Aunt sent me a picture of their headstone as it now has my grandmothers name added. Its so beautiful!

And just because I love and miss my Niece and Nephew here is a recent picture that my sis texted me!! They sure are not my little babies anymore they have grown so much since I saw them last at my brothers wedding back in 2007. Sorry about the sideways photo, just turn your head to see how cute he is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'm so excited to finally blog about this. We are officially (finally) moving to PA!! I could not be more excited to be closer to family and for our kids to get to know their other grandparents. We are looking at moving to the Lebanon or surrounding area of PA. I am excited to take my kids to Hershey, To see all the historical sites there in PA as well as going to DC. I can't wait!!! I'm sad to leave here as I have made so many great friends and have finally started to like living here well minus the heat and humidity. I will miss our Church friends and all the kids that I have gotten the opportunity to work with in Primary. Makena is going to miss all her friends from school, but she is such a likable child that she is going to make so many friends no matter where we are so she will be just fine. I'll post exactly where we end up once I know but for now I know that we are going to spend some time up in Watertown, NY at the in laws while TJ looks for us a place.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Track Meet

We had so much fun at Makena's track meet, the weather was great and didn't rain us out and all the kids had a blast! Makena did super in all the events and was just happy about getting a ribbon and didn't matter what place she finished. She ended up with a 4th place, 5th place, 1st place, and 3rd place. It was fun to see what she has been doing during P.E. and to finally see all the hard work she has put in to each thing. Here are a few pictures as well as a video of the scooter race that she took 1st place in.

Getting ready to do the long jump!
Showing some sisterly love to her little brother
Showing off her ribbon from the long jump

Doing the jump rope
Having a snack while the other kids finish the jump rope
Getting ready to race on the scooters

I love her expression as she was handed her blue ribbon!

Getting ready to run the 50 yd dash