Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our trip to utah


Oh all I can say is its good to be home!!!

July 3rd: We finish up packing and load everything in to our friends van that they let us borrow since we coudn't fit it all in our little malibu. With 2 kids, myself, a stroller and my mom we had 3 large suitcases and the 2 car seats and that jsut wasn't going to all fit. Anyways we head down to Dallas as we fly out at 6am July 4th. We get to Dallas after a 3-4 hour drive, check into the hotel room and just rested for the evening after getting a bit to eat.

July 4th: I was up at 3:30am to get ready for our flight at 6. Makena was up shortly after that just super excited to head to see Aunt Lacie andthe kids and Uncle Bubba and Aunt Jess. She was dancing around saying she had happy feet it was so cute but I knew she would crash soon from being so tired. So we get to the airport around 4:30-5:00am and get all checked in and say our good bye to TJ and Mike (my step-dad) and head through security and get to our gate and sit till they call our name for standby. Yep flying standby is great and the pricing was fantastic but the story gets better. So we got lucky and made the flight and we were on our way to Phoenix. The people that were sitting behind us were wonderful and were so kind to our kids and even gave us a ring pop for the kids to suck on during take off and landing. The kids shared toys and just enjoyed each others company. So we land in Phoenix and head to our next gate for the flight to SLC. Well we get there and they say that the flight is full and it doesn't look good for us to be able to get on. So we wait and wait till they board and sure enought no more seats, They roll our names to the next flight and that is 2hrs away. So we head to the next gate to let the kids play and wait. Well same thing no seats, rolled to next flight and so on and so on all day long. After awhile it was starting to wear me down and I was becoming very emotional and really lost it at about 4pm that afternoon. Our only real change to get out of Phoenix was at 7:30 that night. After much praying, the lady at the gate finally called our names and me boared the plane to SLC. After 14 hrs at the phoenix airport I was so drained that I don't really remember much of the flight till we got to SLC and was looking at all the fireworks that were being set off and how beautiful it was!!!! So we land and find our luggage that had been there since early that morning, check it out and thankfully there was no damage and nothing missing. So my sister and borther finally make it there and we get the rental car and head to my brothers house and pretty much just go to sleep.

July 5-6th not much exciting happened the 5th and 6th except for getting things ready for the wedding and just visiting with family and friends.

July 7th: THE BIG DAY!!! The day of the wedding, everything went great got the kids up showered and dressed and got everything ready to head to sugarhouse to where they were having the wedding. We get there and the kids have a run through so they know where they are suppose to go durning the wedding and then we head to Jessica's dads house to get ready. After everyone was ready we headed back up to the Aunts house where the wedding was and get the girls in place and Remi in place and the wedding begins!!! The girls looked so cute walking down throwing flowers with Jessica right behind then with her dad. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! The reception was great and the Happy couple met and greated there guests and we all had a great time visiting and getting to know her family. They headed to Park City for their honeymoon and from the sounds of it they had a great time!!!

July 8th: We went and spent the day in Logan visiting with friends and taking in all the new places and changes that have happened since we moved. Boy have things changed since we moved. We went and had lunch at Iggy's and then went to the Willow Zoo and park and let the kids play before heading back to Orem.

July 9-10th: We just hung out and spent time with family and friends, Makena started getting a fever and so I just tryed to keep medican in and to keep it down but it just got to the point where she was so miserable and her throat started to hurt so we took her to the InstaCare and she ended up having Strep Throat so they gave her a shot instead of oral antibotics since we were traveling I didn't want to have to worry about getting her to take it. But by that evening she was starting to feel lots better so we made plans to go and enjoy the Hogle Zoo the next day. We had such a great time at the Zoo looking at the animals and running around with everyone. Makena took a spill near the gorilla exibit and cut up her forehead pretty good and had to get a bandaid and some Ice before we left.

July 11th: Our plans were to leave on the 10th but because all the flights were full we changed it to thursday. We get to the airport and find out that the 1 pm flight was also full so we had to wait around till the 4:40pm flight and as we were waiting to find out of there were seats the desk attendent said that all seats werefull and they were going to roll over all the standby to the next flight which I think was around 6 or 7. So we leave the gate area and walk kinda kittycorner to where the play place was and let the kids play since we figured there was plenty of time to let them. As I was sitting there watching the kids and Talking to TJ, I looked up just as the gate people looked over and was asking if we were stand by for this flight, So we told them that we were and the guy said Want to go to Phoenix?? I said sure!!! So we got the last 3 seats on the plane and got seated, We land in phoneix and went to the next gate and weretold that the flight was full and we ended up waiting again to find if the next fight was full and sure enough it was and the last flight at 8pm was also full. So we called my BIL that lived in Tempe (just outside of Phoenix) and got a cab and headed to his place to spend the night since we had not chance to get a flight to Dallas. So we get to his place and met his girlfriend who is so sweet!!! Got some dinner and wnet to bed as we have been up for a while now and knew we needed to get up super early to get the 7 am flight to dallas.

July 12th: So i end up getting up at 3:30am since I was having a heard time sleeping and got our stuff gathered up and waited till the cab got there at 5 to get the kids up. We get in the cab and tanner sleeps all the way to the airport and wakes up as we get him in to the stroller. We check in and head to the gate and wait, I was so happy to hear the gate people call all stand by to form a single line and get seat assissments!!! So i jump up and get in line, and we get our seats and just wait till they open the gate to preboarding!!!!! OH it felt so good to get on that plane and know that it would be our last flight and we would soon be seeing our dad and grandpa. We take off and tanner was watching out the window and the next thing I know he is asleep and makena followed shortly after. It was a 2 hr flight and we land in Dallas around 11 am. Found TJ and Mike and the kids were SOO happy to see there dad and I was just happy to know that I was done flying and would soon be home. We get our things and head home since we now have a 3 hr drive back to Broken Bow, OK. We make it home around 3pm and we just spend the rest of the day relaxing and getting our laundry started!!!

It was a blast seeing everyone and I know I probably left out lots of things but that is the guist of our vacation!!!


The Zoo

So we got to spend an extra day in Utah because all the flights out from SLC to Phoenix then Phoenix to Dallas were all full so we had to wait another day to get out. So we ended up heading to the zoo and walking around with the kids and enjoying the nice day!! It was all good till Makena took a spill next to the gorilla exibit and got a big gash on her forehead. Its starting to look better today but all in all we had a great time.

Getting ready to walk in to the zoo!

This is just inside the entrence of the zoo. The kids had a really fun time pushing it. If you look close enough you can see me taking the picture!!

We had a visitor while we were eating lunch. Looks like he needed a snack too!!

This was taken just before makena's spill down the hill. She scraped up her forhead pretty good but was in good spirits once she got a bandaid and some ice from the medical staff there. She is a TROOPER!!

Vacation Lots of Pictures

Just some pictures of our trip

The next morning I woke to find this! Makena had a slumber party with Remi and Asia as she had slept on the plane and wasn't quite ready for bed when i was. I walked out of the bedroom where I was sleeping to find the 3 kids in the bed and Lacie on the floor at the food of the bed....:)

Hyrum and Ballerina Makena

Lacie, Makena and Remi

The kids and made a "cave" under the desk in the spare bedroom, It was so cute to see them play so nicely together

Makena and Remi just got done rolling on the floor together. Silly kids

The Willow Park in Logan, We went and let the kids play while I visited with our good friend Cameron
Our good friends Cameron and Nicole!!

We beat Lacie and the kids back to Hyrums appartment, so we went to 7-11 to let Makena go potty and we ended up getting a treat to hold us over till they got home. She wanted me to take a picture of her sucker.

Before I got Tanner out of his seat. He had those eyes of PLEASE let me out mom!

after letting him out!!

The day Makena starting getting her fever she did really well with medician in her and so we went to visit Little Nanny (gran) and had lunch with Aunt Patty and Aunt Gail and Gran!! We love you Gran

Gran and her girls!! l-r Aunt GailAnn, Aunt Patty, Gran, Lori

While in Logan I bought the girls matching Cinderella shirts and Remi a spiderman shirt!! They all looked so cute!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Our little friend

My mom went out side and noticed something in one of the puddles and went to futher explore, To her suprise there was a big turtle that had made its way from the pond and found a little puddle to call home for a little while.