Monday, January 18, 2010

Tanners Birthday

It has been a wild and fun 4 years with this little boy, Starting off life with a week stay at 17 days old with RSV, then a move to Oklahoma where we spend 3 years and now here we are in PA. You have grown up so much, achieved so much and are constantly on the go,
until your little body says "I need sleep." You are such a joy to our family and we could not be complete without having you with us. We love you and are excited that you are going to be a big brother and what a wonderful big brother you are going to be!!

We asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he always said a race car cake so this is what we came up with! Thanks for Grandma who did the decorating of this cake!!
He was so excited for his cake and couldn't wait for Grandpa and Great Grandm
a and Great Grandpa to show up so we could open presents and eat cake.

Such a cutie

Still waiting for Grandpa to show up

She was so happy to help celebrate his birthday

Finally its time to blow out the candles!

Opening presents

His cool woody video game

He had found one of TJ's old airplanes and loved taking it everywhere he went, so we found him some airplanes he could take home and play with.

This has to be his favorite present, Its like the fishing game but with the aliens from Toy Story. He has played that thing so much i'm surprised the batteries are not dead yet.

The beautiful quilt he got from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

Getting ready for cake and ice cream

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma watching Tanner open presents
Grandpa enjoying his grandson opening his presents
The kids playing with his fishing alien game

here is a video of us singing to tanner and him blowing out his candles, (don't forget to turn off the music)


Rhiannon said...

This video makes me smile so much. "Tanner, what your wish was?" Giggle, giggle! That cake is great, I'm coming to NY Grandma Kelly's for birthdays too. Think she could make an airplane?


Michelle said...

That cake is awesome! What a clever way to do it. :D Happy belated birthday to Tanner!

roth phallyka said...

I'm coming to NY Grandma Kelly's for birthdays too.

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