Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slacker YES!!

Yep that's me, I can't believe I have let my blog slack that much but I do have a pretty good excuse, our computer screen cracked and then really cracked with the help of J and M trying to stop him and made the crack much bigger and harder to see the screen. But that was only a few months ago so from June 2010 -Nov 2010 I have no excuse except busy with kids and what not.

Anyways we finally were able to get a new computer and have high hopes of getting our old one fixed so the kids have a computer to play on and hopefully that will keep ours nicer longer. But until then we will share :)
TJ is still liking his job and is still really involved with the fire department. When he is hope and a call comes in i can pretty much guarantee that he will be going and sometimes have no idea how long he is going to be gone. They just had their annual banquet and it was so nice to be able to spend an evening together without kids and honor all the hard work these men do to keep out town safe and help those in need. TJ was awarded Probationary Fire Fighter of the year for 201o and listed all the classes he has complete so far. He has I think 1-2 more classes to finish to be taken off probationary and then will be able to change the frontal cover of his helmet from Orange to Black. He is excited to be able to do this. If you would like to see some of what they do visit http://www.annvilefire.com/ He is currently the Gospel Principles teacher and for the most part enjoys teaching. So you can tell he is busy most of the time.

Makena: Oh what a funny girl she is, She is still loving 1st grade, and is doing a pretty good job so far with her writing, reading, and such. She has had a hard time adjusting to a substitute teacher since hers went on maternity leave the the end of January but she has finally come around and is adjusting better now. She is still loving ballet and we all really enjoy that hour we are out of the house visiting with others while Makena is up with her class. She is such a fun big sister and helps so much with her younger brothers, but she tells me at least a couple of times a week how she wants us to have another girl so she can have someone to dress up and play with other then her brothers. At least for now Jake thinks its pretty funny when she dresses him up in her dress up dresses, but dad not so much LOL.

Tanner: Oh tanner is such a spunky boy and is in love with going to the fire house and playing PS3 with his dad. He is getting ready to start kindergarten this fall and at times I think he is really excited to go and at the really nervous at the same time. He is still going to speech therapy and will transfer to the schools program when he starts in August. He is a good helper at home and I'm going to miss that when he is in school but it will be nice for him to be away for a few hours gaining some independence.

Jake: Jake is such a funny little boy, he thinks he is bigger then he really is and I have had to resort to tipping my chairs on their side and pushing them under the table or he things its fair game to use them to climb onto the table. In the last few weeks he has become more vocal and loves to babble. He to loves being at the firehouse and doesn't mind being inside the fire trucks and loves just to be out in the bay where they are.

Emily: Not much has really change in my live since my last update, I was released as the pianist for the choir and called as an assistant to the nursery leader so Jake and I spend time together in nursery till TJ is done with his class and takes him for the last hour most of the time. ummm not really much to report lol