Monday, June 21, 2010

Such a slacker

I have been such a slacker about blogging since Jake was born. We have been super busy since he was born and lots of things have happened and to many to blog about and get caught up. So I'll try and summarize as best as I can about what has gone on the last 4 months. I'll post a few bigger events with pictures and what not.

So basically we have been busy with 3 kids and tyring to keep up with everyone. Makena completed kindergarten with flying colors and is so excited to enter first grade and I am looking forward to her being gone all day. She is still a bundle of energy and would rather be out and about running here and there then be home and enjoying being quiet LOL. We took Her in for her well child check and she weighed in at 43.3 lbs and 45 1/2 inches tall.

Tanner is quite the little explorer, he finally enjoys going to the firehouse and checking out the firetrucks and playing on the computers they have there. There are a few guys there that really enjoy Tanner and Tanner really loves them, in fact he is always asking to go to the firehouse so he can see "so and so" Thank heavens his dad loves to go so he gets to go quite often. Tanner has been going to speech therapy and really thriving, he loves his therapist and really looks forward to Friday so he can go to speech. We took Tanner in for his 4 year check up and he weighs 35lbs and was 40 inches tall.

Jake is growing like a weed, he is rolling over and loves to get up on his side and scoot his knees under him then roll back over. He is very pleasant and really only cries when he is hungry or poopy! He loves to talk and do his version of blowing raspberry's. He loves his toes and is getting ready to start solids. I love that he is a cuddly boy and that he wants him mommy. We go in for his 4 month appointment at the end of the month so I'll update his weight and such then.

TJ is still loving his job at Farmers Pride and as well as working at the fire department. He is teaching the 14-18 year old youth in our church and they love him. Just hope one of the girls will be willing to babysit one of these days hee hee.

I am doing good, just doing the same old thing keeping kids at bay and doing what I can to keep a happy home.

Now that we have been in PA for a year I love it even more then when we first got here. its been nice living closer to family and the area is just beautiful. I love living close to many different places to go and explore. We have been to DC and Baltimore, and have plans to go to Philadelphia and New York City.

Well I'll get working on some posts with pictures and such to try and bring us up to speed as to where we are and what we have been doing!!


Rhiannon said...

Loved this update. Even though we talk about all of this it's fun to read it! Bigs hugs sister! You've got such a cute incredible family.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the update! I too haven't been posting as often. Having sure does keep us busy doesn't it! Glad to hear things are going well for you and your family. :)

roth phallyka said...

Glad to hear things are going well for you and your family. :)

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